A tri-partite partnership project

It is a 5 years research program partnership between
the CNRS, National Institute for Earth Sciences and Astronomy (INSU),
the BRGM (French geological survey)
and TOTAL S.E. R&D department


Deciphering genesis of Mountain Belt
and Convergent Margins

Source to sink

Investigating the sediment routing from
mountain belts to passive margins


Integrate the full story of the basin related fluids

Our Aims

The Convergent Margins thematic had multiple objectives:

The main one was about research and renewal of our understanding of convergent margins, taking into account the impact of the deep Lithosphere, asthenosphere evolution on the history of architecture, deformation, thermal evolutions, including fluid/rocks interactions, surface dynamics, sedimentary routing system and deposits. This approach rooted the development of the three projects OROGEN, Source To Sink and Fluids.
The second one was an expectation on renewing our concepts on geological processes by the researcher’s group size effect, multi-competences and approaches through the human dimension of this project. This melt combines academics, BRGM and industrials. The students and post docs were the cement between out different work-cultures. This adventure engaged 55 PhD and PostDoc subjects through the 3 subprojects.

The “Pyrenees lab”:
Finally, we decided to define the peri-Iberian plate and its main boundary; the Pyrenees, as our playground. This decision was made because it was in synergy with the finishing ANR Pyrop, Pyramid research projects and the renewed orientation of the BRGM on the RGF in this area (Référentiel Géologique de la France).

The Plenary Convergence Seminar, March 2019, Palais Beaumont, Pau.

Young Researchers Map